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Pinterest Widgets

Pinterest is a place where you can find ideas for all your projects and interests, which are posted by the users. Pinterest is a web company which was founded in 2010. In order to access the site you must be the registered users. Pinterest App is available in all types of mobile devices too. There you can find many services of pinterest such as pinterest home, pinterest blog and many more. Among them pinterest widgets is also one service of pinterest.Pinterest Widgets

You can add the widget to your browser and you can also widget in your mobile apps. You can add widget in wordpress, facebook, google chrome, blogger, firefox etc. Pinterest widgets refers to shortcut option to get access in pinterest without going to website. You can build this widget by yourself for your websites, wordpress, chrome, facebook, firefox, blogger. You can build a widget as a follow button, pin widget, profile widget and board widget.Pinterest Widget


  1. To add a follow button, mention your profile URL in the widget builder, click to build it and there you provide a code and paste code in your website where you want to see follow button.
  2. For pin widget, copy URL of pin which you like most and go to widget builder and enter URL of the pin.
  3. Click to build it, after that you are provided a code and paste in your website. For the profile widgets mention your profile URL in the widget builder, after that customize a size of widget and click to build it.
  4. Lastly you will be provided a code, paste that code in your website now you’ll get a profile widget.
  5. And for the board widgets, in widget builder provide your board URL and customize size of widget. Click to build it option and you will be provided a code, paste that code in your website.

So, this is how you can create your own custome Pinterest Widgets.

Crafts on Pinterest

Pinterest is a free website and operates an eponymous photo sharing app which requires and registration to use. It acts as a personalized media platform where users of interest are access to upload, save, sort and manage images known as pins. And including other media content such as vides and images known as pinboards. You can also find the boards of crafts and is called Crafts on Pinterest.Pinterest

Pinterest was launched on March 2010, founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. Pinterest is popular among women and there was 70% of female user accessing the website. The most popular and used category on Pinterest are food and drink, women’s apparel, home décor, Travel, DIY and crafts. To login Pinterest one can login with Facebook, Google and twitter.Crafts on Pinterest

To login to Pinterest you need to submit your Email ID and Password and surf around the Pinterest Crafts. Here you will get to have the ideas related to crafts that make your crafting ideas better and interest. You will also get to see different accessories, jewelry, decors, recyclable articles on the site which is posted by other user and you can also post your ideas and creation here.

Crafts On PinterestCrafts on Pinterest

Crafts on Pinterest provides different ideas on Yarn Crafts, Tissue Paper Crafts, Seashell Crafts, Crafts, Bible Crafts, Mother Day’s Crafts, DIY projects and DIY and Home Improvements. According to the news source, more than 3,607 people use Pins and pinterest crafts have more than 49,093 followers worldwide.

Process to Login to Pinterest

Here is the process to login to Craft login to Pinterest to gain the ideas of above given crafts.

pinterest crafts

  • At the very beginning make sure your device has strong connectivity.
  • Go to your web browser and navigate to pinterest craft ideas.
  • Then the browser will take you to pinterest login page.
  • You will get an option to login with Facebook, Google or Twitter
  • Below that given option click in the first box and enter your full email address.
  • Next click in the second option and enter your password. It is a case-sensitive so make sure you capitalize the password exactly the same you set in the registration process.
  • Click in the ‘Log in’ button to get logged in to the website and get the different, new updates on Pinterest Crafts.

How to Upgrade Pinterest App?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking sites. This site allows a user to share his or her pinned images and videos. And a user can view the pinned images and videos if a user follow the person or board. Using pinterest App is very easy and simple. To use the complete features of Pinterest you must have the latest version. So here fruther in this article we have discussed on how to upgrade pinterest app.

For login to pintrest app, if you use Facebook account then you don’t have to sign up you can directly connect. But the sign up process does not take longer time like other sites. If you are using the social networking site like Facebook, you can directly log in using the username and password. But if you don’t have Facebook account or you don’t want to use your Facebook login Id and password for pinterest you can easily log in with your email id too.How to Upgrade Pinterest App

Pinterest can be accessed by laptops and desktops as well as mobile phones. It has a pinterest application for android phones and apple phones. You can download the application for free if you want to use pinterest from your mobile devices. To download pinterest application, android users can use their Google play store and apple users can use their app store. We can find the pinterest application for free. In an android set, the mobile set must have androd version above 4.0.3 and in apple device, your device must have the ios version 6.0.1 or above to have the updated pinterest app.login page

For better features in the application we should check for update regularly.  As in every new version the performance and features are bettered than older version.  Pinterest apps are frequently upgrading its features in newer version. So we should frequently check for update of application. We can upgrade the application by following the steps below:

How to Update Pinterest App in Android Phones?How to Upgrade Pinterest App

  1. At first make sure your device is connected to the good internet connection.
  2. After that open your Google Play Store.
  3. Once it is opened, go to menu which is at the top left corner of the application
  4. Then click on my apps and games.
  5. In the list, find pinterest application. If there is an update option in your application, press update but if your application is updated then update option will not be shown.

Steps tp Update App in iPhone and iPadsHow to Upgrade Pinterest App

  1. Connect your device to the internet first.
  2. After that open your iTunes App Store in your iPhone or iPad.
  3. You will see different menus such as featured, categories, top 25, search and update at the bottom.
  4. Click on update. Once you press an update you will see and update option for the application. If your device is having latest version of the application then it will not appear in updates. If your pinterest application appears in updates you can simply press the update key and get the latest version of pinterest for your device.

So here are the steps to upgrade pinterest app in both android and iphone or ipad. Like you see its quite easy and simple to update the app.

Pinterest App | IOS and Android Application

Pinterest or Pinterest App is a social networking site that allows users to visually share and discover new interest by posting images and videos to their own or other’s board. Pinterest generally allows you to pin images and videos online. This is a new concept from the developers. This helps to pin the images and videos online like we do in our real life bulletin board.

The difference is in pinterest, the pinned images and videos are saved in your account so that you can access the pinned videos and images in the future. We can pin images and videos from various website. If we like something in the internet, we can pin it and we can view the pinned things easily by opening our account in pinteres.Pinterest Application

Pinterest was lauched in March 2010 as a closed beta. This site was founded by co- ordination of 3 geniuses Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. This site was managed by Cold Brew Labs and it was funded by the group of entrepreneurs and investors. We can use pinterest through our mobile phones too.

Pinterest App

Pinterest Mobile App was launched in 2012 for android mobiles and iPad. You can get this app for free from Apple App store for apple mobile users and from Google Play Store for android users. By installing pinterest app in your mobile you can get following features in your mobile devices.

Pinterest App Features

  • You can plan a project for your home remodels, garden redesigns and other DIYs
  • You can get creative and innovative ideas for your daily life such as cooking recipes, ways to save money, about gifts for your friends and relatives, staying healthy. For that you have to follow the articles of people in pinterest who posts the images and videos for respective things.
  • You can follow the community of different field such as Fashion, home decor, designers and others and stay updated.
  • You can pin from your mobile browser. This allows you to save good things you find around the web while surfing and later read the pinned articles in the future and have good time utilization in the internet using pinterest app.Pinterest Mobile App

You can download pinterest apps for your all new smart phones. It has developed applications for both android and apple phones. You can simply download the applications for your respective device from respective app stores. Once you finished downloading the apps you can directly had good experience and start pinning the images and videos you like most for your future use.

If you are using the Facebook you don’t have to go through sign up process. You can directly sign in with Facebook Id and username and password. But if you are not the Facebook user you can sign up with your email id too. You can sign up simply by using any email address. Just follow the simple instruction given by the application in your device after it is installed and you can have quality time by sharing and viewing the pinned images and videos from other users.

crafts diy pinterest

Crafts DIY Pinterest

Pinterest is the web based application which works as similar to other photo sharing websites. It was initially launched in March 2010, in order to access, the member must complete the Pinterest login process first. Since the website has been founded by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann.

Cold Brew Labs is managing Pinterest and groups of investors along with entrepreneurs who are funded it. More than 300 employers are there in Pinterest. It was the type of visual discovery, collection and storage tools of site. However the corporation already displaying their products having pinboards so Pinterest are not allowing any kinds of advertisements. It has been so famous that it has been available in different languages like English, Norwegian, Czech, French and many more.

Crafts Diy Pinterest

Crafts DIY Pinterest

However it help or encourage user to develop as well as save their creativity ideas. Pinterest provides you with sample pictures of DIY as well as Crafts and many more related to it such as Bead work, DIY Decoration, DIY projects, Embroidery, Hacks, Jewelry makings, Pottery, Woodworking and many mores.

We can share those picture and show our creativity. First of all the user need to create an account for this. You can go to and view the most awesome creatives that has been developed and shared. We can also send the those projects plans to our friends and then swap the ideas. In fact you can also take help or gain ideas from the other user’s discoveries.Crafts Diy Pinterest
You can make your own creativity using the site and share publicly as well as privately. You can create the board and add pins on it through different resources. Crafts DIY Pinterest is the web based application for mobiles which works as similar to photo sharing websites. You can create the board and add pins on it through different resources.