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Pinterest is a place where you can find ideas for all your projects and interests, which are posted by the users. Pinterest is a web company which was founded in 2010. In order to access the site you must be the registered users. Pinterest App is available in all types of mobile devices too. There you can find many services of pinterest such as pinterest home, pinterest blog and many more. Among them pinterest widgets is also one service of pinterest.Pinterest Widgets

You can add the widget to your browser and you can also widget in your mobile apps. You can add widget in wordpress, facebook, google chrome, blogger, firefox etc. Pinterest widgets refers to shortcut option to get access in pinterest without going to website. You can build this widget by yourself for your websites, wordpress, chrome, facebook, firefox, blogger. You can build a widget as a follow button, pin widget, profile widget and board widget.Pinterest Widget


  1. To add a follow button, mention your profile URL in the widget builder, click to build it and there you provide a code and paste code in your website where you want to see follow button.
  2. For pin widget, copy URL of pin which you like most and go to widget builder and enter URL of the pin.
  3. Click to build it, after that you are provided a code and paste in your website. For the profile widgets mention your profile URL in the widget builder, after that customize a size of widget and click to build it.
  4. Lastly you will be provided a code, paste that code in your website now you’ll get a profile widget.
  5. And for the board widgets, in widget builder provide your board URL and customize size of widget. Click to build it option and you will be provided a code, paste that code in your website.

So, this is how you can create your own custome Pinterest Widgets.

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