How to Upgrade Pinterest App?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking sites. This site allows a user to share his or her pinned images and videos. And a user can view the pinned images and videos if a user follow the person or board. Using pinterest App is very easy and simple. To use the complete features of Pinterest you must have the latest version. So here fruther in this article we have discussed on how to upgrade pinterest app.

For login to pintrest app, if you use Facebook account then you don’t have to sign up you can directly connect. But the sign up process does not take longer time like other sites. If you are using the social networking site like Facebook, you can directly log in using the username and password. But if you don’t have Facebook account or you don’t want to use your Facebook login Id and password for pinterest you can easily log in with your email id too.How to Upgrade Pinterest App

Pinterest can be accessed by laptops and desktops as well as mobile phones. It has a pinterest application for android phones and apple phones. You can download the application for free if you want to use pinterest from your mobile devices. To download pinterest application, android users can use their Google play store and apple users can use their app store. We can find the pinterest application for free. In an android set, the mobile set must have androd version above 4.0.3 and in apple device, your device must have the ios version 6.0.1 or above to have the updated pinterest app.login page

For better features in the application we should check for update regularly.  As in every new version the performance and features are bettered than older version.  Pinterest apps are frequently upgrading its features in newer version. So we should frequently check for update of application. We can upgrade the application by following the steps below:

How to Update Pinterest App in Android Phones?How to Upgrade Pinterest App

  1. At first make sure your device is connected to the good internet connection.
  2. After that open your Google Play Store.
  3. Once it is opened, go to menu which is at the top left corner of the application
  4. Then click on my apps and games.
  5. In the list, find pinterest application. If there is an update option in your application, press update but if your application is updated then update option will not be shown.

Steps tp Update App in iPhone and iPadsHow to Upgrade Pinterest App

  1. Connect your device to the internet first.
  2. After that open your iTunes App Store in your iPhone or iPad.
  3. You will see different menus such as featured, categories, top 25, search and update at the bottom.
  4. Click on update. Once you press an update you will see and update option for the application. If your device is having latest version of the application then it will not appear in updates. If your pinterest application appears in updates you can simply press the update key and get the latest version of pinterest for your device.

So here are the steps to upgrade pinterest app in both android and iphone or ipad. Like you see its quite easy and simple to update the app.

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